Let's create your strategy and guide you towards successful adoption of artificial intelligence and smart data system


Boost your revenue with Chatbot, credit scoring, fraud detetection system, and other intelligent systems to increase your revenue and decrease cost.


Learn Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development from top experts in the industry

Be Smarter with Data & AI

Innovations such as smart homes, autonomous cars, etc. that looks like stuff of science fiction few years ago are now on cutting edge. Businesses needs to be proactively innovating and embracing new technology to gain competitive advantage. And an important trend for today’s businesses is digital business automation with leverage on technology like artificial intelligence.

We want to help businesses achieve this faster than the competition, and make the business more responsive to current market trends, interfacing with customers better, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue.


Our Core Services

We are positioned to help companies improve their business performance by leveraging on our wide array of artificial intelligence services with our deep domain and sector knowledge.

Data Science

Transform your business and gain competitive advantage with the power of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI (Chatbots, credits scoring, etc) to automate and transform your business.

Enrol to Learn from Experts Today!

Learn by building real world applications under the facilitation of top experts in the industry

Conversational AI/ Chatbot Engineering

Learn to build and deploy advanced chatbots on several channels including social media, web app, etc. Build 5 Chatbots/NLP applications before the end of your training

Data Science

Become an expert Data Scientist with a deep dive into Excel, Python, PowerBI, Machine Learning, SQL, etc.

ChatBots work like magic

With conversational AI, customers can carry out complex online tasks faster and easier than ever before.

Businesses adopting conversational AI for their customers as well as for internal use cases will become faster and more efficient, thereby reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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Lead Generation

Qualify more leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with chatbots that do not sleep.

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Employee Engagement

Engage internal stakeholders actively by giving them an always available knowledge base platform for enhanced productivity.

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Customer Support

Support your customers around the clock with products and issue resolution knowledge base. Turn them into business advocates.

Need More Result with Lesser Effort?

Let TechOga drive your strategy for
adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Systems

Do you want your School Smarter and Bigger?

Right now! We are transforming school operations
with EduWidget - AI-Infused School Management System + AI Virtual Assistant

ERP to Automate your Process

Fully integrated end to end solution to manage your entire school process. Assure revenue, improve fees collection, student security and accountability

AI infused into the ERP

Student Performance Simulator ( including WAEC readiness evaluator, etc.), Smart content generator like lesson notes, Customised Learning, Task automation like grading papers, etc.

AI Virtual Assistant

Enabling ease of use and accessibility with Smart chatbot available on Web & Mobile App Widget, Phone Calls including non-internet enabled phones, Social Messengers, etc.